Things we do in the Bronx

Hey All!

I know I said I would post everyday. I lied. Sue me. Actually I said I would try so technically I did try and time got away from me. Anyways I’m here know!

Yesterday, I spent my day in the Bronx, doing community service!!! I took a few of my fellow pace students with me as well. I didn’t take as many signed up but we all still had a great time.

The volunteering was for an organization called All Stars, the pretty much keep kids busy that cant afford dance lessons, and piano lesson, and the country should be thankful for them and the many other organization that keep kids from becoming America’s next criminal, and instead American Idol or top Model:)

Yesterday was auditions for their annual talent show. Know I though this would be like some middle school talent show. 20 people show up, 15 suck and 5 are in.

Wrong! 300 plus showed up, they were not all good but not all bad, and they all made the show! That’s the beauty of All Stars, its all about encouragement, No Simon’s allowed!

I did the waiting line, which was horrible for 2 reason, 1 because I was 85% stuck by myself and, 2 because when people where on the line they were pissed they were on the line, so I got all of the anger. Go figure. Nonetheless someone had to do it.

Afterwards I slept, I mean it was an all day thing. Riding the train for an hour coming and going.

A special Thank You to Sarah, Cherie, Georgette, Heather, and Izzy! We make a great team.

Umm…. do some community service and if you already do some. DO MORE!

Love, Peace, and Soul Service!


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