“What Love Got to do with It?”

Happier Times...maybe

Happier Times...maybe

I am disgusted… just simply disgusted with Chris Brown. Yes, the sexy singer, dancer, actor dating singer dancer Rhinna. Who he also allegedly assaulted. Yes you heard correct assaulted. I’m talking about black eye and busted lip. Grammy night, he and she both pulled out last minute, and he also turned himself into the cops. Know pretty much is just speculation know. But LAPD documents have both his and her govt name on them. Wait it gets better, there are reports that she checked herself into a hospital to get checked out, and he has one of the best lawyers know.

Know he didn’t just flip out. According to my sources (ybf.com that it) They have gotten into it before. But once you add, a rumored STD passed onto Rhinna and CB taking pics with another chick, and a LOT of drinks. Then you have yourself a case!

What gets me is, all the fans.. “I cant believe it.. I don’t believe it” Well believe it. He did it, and ruined his career in the process. Celebrities can be sooo stupid at times. I mean lets look at T.I. Enough said.

Chris Brown has lost his doublemint ad, and we all knwo how much endorsements pay. I am not shocked in the least bit. I dont put nothing past a celebrity.

Good news, she is ok , so her grandmother says. Bad news, his career is tanked, and possible 9 years. hell 1 year in prison is bad. So I hear.

People dont start printin up you”Free CHRIS BROWN” shirts just yet. He made bail for know.

I shall keep you all posted.

Love, Peace, and Soul Beatdown


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