Update- Chris B and Rhi Rhi

So both Chris B and Rhi Rhi have release statements, that said nothing. I don’t know which is worse; the situation as a whole or the fact that by not releasing a clear statement they are personally allowing the media to run rampant with lies on our impressionable and easily molded minds. Someones publicist needs there pink slip. ASAP!

After seeing the unofficial but very “real” pictures of Rhianna post beat down. A picture that I refuse to post because its tasteless and it was obtained illegal.

Moving on….

Everyone is saying”how Chris B’s career is over”. Well that may be true for the next years but lets face it. If he is not convicted, he will still be cute and talented and she will be well just cute. Not to mention all the fans that still LOVE him. Yes LOVE and fully support him, and blame her.

So I will be bringing more… ONLY if he is convicted or they actually say something worthwhile.

Until Next Time

Love Peace, and Soul Beatdown pt2


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