The Pissed List: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

So my birthday is right around the corner…well 2 months away but right around the corner to me. However there are things about Birthdays that just PISS ME OFF.

1. Getting Old: Yes I am venting about getting older at just 20. First, it was no longer being in the one digits then it was turning 20 and no longer being a teenager and its only going to get worse from here. 21 to 25, then 30 and then retirement. There is no Benjamin Buttons here.

2.Presents? What happen to all the presents??? It seems as though the older you get the least amount of presents you get. People don’t even bother to buy a card today most of them time. I don’t want to hear that economy crap either. Especially if you can afford to buy a new outfit for my birthday celebration.

3. The Facebook “Happy Birthday”: I accept the fact that most people rely on fb to tell them when their friends birthday’s are. Mainly because I am guilty of this. I don’t however accept the people that haven’t said so much as a “hello” since I added them as a friend, sending me a Happy Birthday because fb told them to. Sorry, only genuine b-day shout outs on my page. Also I don’t accept the people that don’t return the b-day love after I say Happy Birthday to you. One word… RUDE

4. Big Birthday Parties: I want to be able to talk to everyone that has take time out of their lives to celebrate my Birthday. I cant do that with a 60 person party. Hell, I am pretty sure I cant do that with a 30 person party. There is no reason for me to show up to a party and never see the person whose Birthday it is.

5.Can we get some Fat Free Birthday Cake? I mean it is 2009, is America not fat enough? And not just fat free but fat free and DELICIOUS!

There you have it the first edition of The Pissed List. Until next time!


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