Teenage Prostitutes and Teenage Pimps:-(

So I thought I had heard it all but of course there is always something that tops it. I swear when I read this story my mouth dropped.

Apparently 2 sixteen year old girls thought it would be cool to pimp out other teenagers. Well its not, actually its pathetic and shameful. Tatianna Tye and Jazmine Finely were arrested with leading a prostitution ring in Arizona.  They even had an apartment to seal the deal for all illegal activities. It has been reported that they recruited girls from their high school. Apparently teenage girls are no stranger to prostitution these days but it has been especially prevalent in Arizona  lately.

I am just going to assume that they sucked at being pimps because they were also prostituting themselves as well. And I thought the pimps didn’t have to work, I guess someone forgot to tell them this.  The cops are calling this an unusual situation. No… You think! I call it the future,  if someone doesn’t take immediate action and not just with them, within the community.  This is a community related problem that must be fixed or else two other teenage girls or boys are just going to start pimping and whoring there fellow peers out down the line.

The girls reportedly recruited about 5 girls between the ages of 14-17. Why on earth would children do this to themselves. We must speak to the youth and steer them in the right direction because if we don’t this is just ONE example of what going down the wrong direction will get you. 

Tatianna Tye  recently held a press conference with her grandmother. Not only did she attempt to blame it on peer pressure from her partner in crime Jazmine Finely, but the grandmother co-signed for her, only giving her grandchild a little bit of blame. Could the story have gotten any sadder? Apparently so. I don’t know who I am more appauled at Tatianna or her grandmother. Either way they both  ought to be ashamed. If the grandmother was doing her job in the first place she  would have known her grandchild was pimping kids out instead of doing homework and could have nipped that situation in the bud before it even became a situation. Also please note the smirk / smile on Tatianna’s face at the beginning of the press conference video. She doesn’t look sorry at all more like proud. I just hope these two girls get guided int he right direction because it is not to late for them to turn there lives around, after all they are only 16.


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