A Tale of Modern Day Lynching


"Im going to lynch you"

"Im going to lynch you"


It seems as though no matter what year it is, or accomplishments the African American race makes (shout out to Obama) there is always some fool lurking to make a name for him or herself while bringing the whole race down with them. While searching the Internet I ran into the fool you see before you. His name is George Lambus and he lives in Jackson, Mississippi, he is Republican and running for mayor. For a moment we will set aside the fact that he is running as a Republican.

It is no secret that Jackson is fighting a serious battle against crime and the city losing. The current Mayor is facing federal charges for civil rights violations for showing up with a sledge hammer when he accompanied police officer to bust in a crack house. It serves him right. Slinging sledge hammers is not his job, he should be at a desk somewhere signing a bill into law to cut down the crime, or creating a new program to keep kids off the street, or better yet cutting the ribbon on a new community center. In a city of a predominately black population, and high crime, George Lambus has the answer. His answer is…. “Crime can only be alleviated by a noose and a stout tree limb,”– George Lambus. Yes, you read correct. George thinks the bad people of Jackson should be lynched just like the old days. Yea, crime is the answer to crime. Wrong! George is the only Republican candidate, what a surprise, and an even bigger surprise is that the Republican Party does not support him.  I guess I will believe it, but sadly enough I know George doesn’t stand alone down there in Jim Crow South. During the elections real evil came from the South and George is just another evil face.

He is no coward and very proud of his campaign and solution to crime in Jackson. George has been handing out flyers with the message clear as water.

Look at recent history, like in South Africa, when apartheid was abolished,” Lambus said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. “Blacks went on a crime spree. Other blacks got tired of it … and they formed vigilantes and they killed people. It brought the crime down.”- George Lambus.

George also is a huge supporter of the gun laws, stating that when you leave your yard, carry a gun. When you go to school, carry a gun. So all you Jackson State students forget books next semester, a gun should be first on your expense list, or else.  When you go to church, carry a gun. Since George seems to be close with devil, I am going to guess that gun is for all of GOD’s friends.

Lambus also asserts that executions are the only way to control crime. Well contrary to what George may believe, studies have shown that the Death Penalty has done very little to lower the numbers of crime and specifically, violent crimes. In addition, states with no death penalty share lower homicide rates. This just may be the reason that Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico decided to sign the abolition of the death penalty recently.

I can only hope that no one in the city of Jackson is even thinking about this man, if only to smack some sense into him when they see him. I am against crime just as much as any other person but lynching as an answer to crime, gets a big HELL NO from me. It appears to me that George is a confused and ignorant man that needs to go home, sit down and shut up; Jackson has enough problems without this fool running around talking about modern day lynching especially in the South.



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