April FOOLS UC San Diego applicants….



What is the best news a graduating senior can possibly hear from a college? “Congratulations we are pleased to announce you have been accepted into our college”. Know what is the worst news a graduating senior can hear from a college? ” We regret to inform you that we will not be admitting you into our college” Right? Well a few University of California- San Diego applicants got the best and WORST news all in one week from the college.

UC San Diego is considered to be a fairly competitive university to get into given the amount of applicants they get of about 40,000 a quarter, only accepting about 17,000. Unfortunately 30,000 students got their little hopes up and thought they were accepted.

The school’s communication department made the 30,000 person mistake by sending out acceptance letters to every single applicant. This is just wrong on so many levels because odds are about 20,000 of those students UC San Diego was probably their 1st choice. College application are stressful enough without schools playing mind games with acceptance letters. Of course parents and  students were outraged, as they should be. Well soon after the school became aware of this HUGE mistake they had to send out emails informing these students that in fact they were NOT accepted. My heart aches for those poor students.  Know some parents are trying to use the screw up to get their kid in the school. I doubt this will work especially if your child didn’t even meet the minimum requirements to begin with. Know the school messed up BIG time, not sure what should be done but letting every student in that applies isn’t it.


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