Hello to all 10 (includin:?>g my professor) of my loyal followers and readers! It is true that I started this blog for my Writing for Convergent Media class, but it is also true that I enjoyed my experience as a blogger. So with that said I have decided to keep updating my blog after my class is over. I swear I can see summer and it looks beautiful but its blocked my this wall called finals.

yea this pics sums it up

yea this pics sums it up

However don’t look for the next post until late next week because as many of you should know I am smack in the middle of finals, packing to go home, my 21st birthday celebration, massive research papers, and completing the fall 09 budget for my organization that I have the privilege of being President, Women in Corporate America. Frankly put I am too DAMN busy to post. Sorry in advance! Wish me Luck and if my some of my readers are taking finals good luck to you. FINISH STRONG, DRINK COFFEE NOT ENERGY DRINKS AND PRAY TO WHOMEVER YOU PRAY TOO!!!!!

peace and blessings!


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