Happy to be Nappy

So apparently the sky was falling in lower Manhattan where my school is located. Ok, not really. However a combination of the wind and rain plus a high-rise being built next to my school equals debris falling all over the place. Any who enough about a foreshadowing into 2012, more importantly SCHOOL WAS CANCELED! Oddly enough I was looking forward to this class, but not going to it. So instead of sitting in my room, depressed, like I did over the weekend. I got up, went to a salon in Brooklyn and finally DID IT! That’s right, I finally got my permed hair cut off! It happened so fast, she was asking me what I wanted to do with my hair, and I was explaining and next thing I know, a chunk of my hair fell before my eyes and hit the floor. I was in shock. I didn’t want to look but of course I had to take a picture. My hair has never been this short, and I have a big head. In case you’re wondering. No I didn’t do it so I can be this Afrocentric black person, or because I am still inspired and moved by “Good Hair”, nor do I want to look like Solange. I have had my hair fried, dyed and laid to the side including every type of weave and cut you can imagine. I wanted a change, and boy did I get it!

Well, it has been a few days since, and everyone keeps telling me it looks nice. So maybe I can get used to it. I mean I even had someone yell out HALLE BERRY… lies, all lies! Someone did tell me I look older, which was great since I look soooo young! But on the other hand, a friend said I look like a cabbage patch kid. hmmm. One minute I like it, the next I don’t. It will grow on me, no choice right? I think this weekend I will reward my bravery with a new mac eye shadow, yes?!

In other random news,  A Different World one of my other favorite oldie shows is now playing on TV One (I always thought I was Denise minus the wealthy family), I discovered a law show called the Deep End on ABC, also very good! think Grey’s Anatomy but for lawyers, I sure hope it makes it! especially since I will soon be an attorney. Lastly… it only took me 26 days but I FINALLY hit the gym, and with my roomie! Yes you read right my roommate. I have not been the best in bonding with my roommate, despite her being really nice! What can I say I’m a sucky roommate. It’s me… I’m working on it!

The semester has started, WICA is up and running, and I have an honors thesis to complete. HONESTLY MAY CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!

Last note. I achieved a 3.56 last semester!!!! all A’s and A-‘s, and one freaking C (I HATE YOU PHYSICS!), but this semester I am more determined than ever to have straight A’s!!! oh and a job of course!

peace and love <before and after pictures BELOW>


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