Working to keep my Righteous Mind

Wow… I am appalled at my lack of blogging as of late. Senior year is no joke! I feel overworked and underpaid as usual but whats worst I feel I have not accomplished a single thing. As I sit in the library fully prepared but highly unwilling to crank out the first official “procrastinators and senoritas” approved all nighter to finish a paper for my International relations class, I needed some inspiration so I turned to some of my fav blogs and of course an inspiring film clip.

This scene in the Great Debaters reminds me why I do work so hard (eventually) in school.  The three-day weekend got the best of me, but I had a good time so that’s all that matters, right? Either way I met new people which is always a blessing within in self and bonded with old people. What was most exciting is I saw a life for myself in New York more so this weekend than any other time. I think it was the search for apartments with a friend that solidified me wanting to live here until law school next year. However that can only happen if I find a job. I want to lie, and say that I have even applied for one full-time position but I can even type the words. Shame is an understatement.

I watched this movie with a friend that loves this film as much as I do, and I never knew. The same scene that gave me chills and made me think about the world did that same thing for this friend! Also this weekend, I was reintroduced to the idea of creating a vision board, which I feel I have definitely lost track of the bigger picture and need to refocus and visualize my goals once again. This will be completed this weekend!

Until next time, enjoy this clip of  Denzel Washington dropping knowledge on these students, but more importantly a professor showing interest and that he actually cares about the progress of a student. This type of support is hard to come by, simply put and often when you do come by it, we as students don’t event recognize it. Shout out to my African-American History professor!


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