Surprise, Meet Your Cousin…

Yesterday, I went to my cousins 65th surprise birthday party. Now mind you, I barely know the woman mainly because she has lived in California for 30 years. Ironically, she did show up to my graduation party, and another gathering my uncle had later in the summer, so I feel like I know her now. At the party I knew there would be a lot of people missing and a lot of people I havent seen in years, or just don’t know. Both happened. For the first time, I met my cousin little Ray. The problem was he wasnt little, he is about 45 and I never seen him a day in my life, neither had my uncle (his father), but that is another topic. Of course the older people n my family vaguely remembered him. The whole time, I kept wondering do other races/cultures have this problem. The problem of having this large family and not knowing there cousins, aunts, uncles, or worst children or is this something exclusively to African-Americans. In college my Italian roommate, spent time with her family on both sides, and no matter what the event it doesn’t matter if it was a holiday or a birthday party, or just dinner, the entire family came out to support and see each other and they all knew each other. I thought this is nice. I don’t know whats more annoying, meeting a cousin you never knew existed or seeing a cousin who ask “you remember me?” Uh no! If I did, I wouldn’t be so rude as to ignore you when I was hugging all the people I did know.

I am just throwing the discussion on the table. We (African-Americans) would be walking right past our cousins and never know it. As crazy as family can be, there still important and if nothing else you should at least know who to avoid.  I guess we can add this to the long list of things we need to improve. I was lucky enough to have the weekend off and be able to go. I don’t want another 15 years to go by before I see my family members. I had a good time, despite the fact that I was piecing my family tree together in my head, and some family members didn’t seem so happy to see each other, oh and the absence of other family members.

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend. Hope yours was great too.



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